Reading Glasses and Personal Branding

lebron glasses
 reading glassesSo I woke up this morning and could not focus my eyes on all the school work we have. With a lot left to do, I was a bit concerned. Luckily my wife had a pair of reading glasses to let me use. They worked perfectly and I was able to finish up the pending homework and quiz.
I learned years ago right after Undergrad that the pilots at the Air force Academy were having issues with their eye exams at the end of their freshman year. Back then, they did not want pilots to rely on glasses.
The eye doctor I went to see was explaining that after a year of constant studying the eye muscles can have trouble focusing on distances. I know what you’re thinking, maybe I am just getting old; and that might be a factor. Up till today I have always been able to focus on up close distances and have only needed glasses to drive.
So now the discussion becomes about image and glasses. Obviously I won’t want to wear my wife’s glasses to read at work. So even if I get some nice looking men’s reading glasses I wonder how this image will impact my personal brand. I can also look into contacts or lasik surgery. Again is all this necessary for my personal brand. Last I would add that also a possibility that glasses may even add to my brand and somehow make me look smarter or studious. Weren’t some of the Basketball player wearing glasses for an image issue.

reading glasses


You should Actually like Month End

monthendSo 8/1/14. Although this is the start of a new month, in Accounting and analysis, it is often referred to as “Month end” The first couple days of a new month are often the closing process for the  prior month. In this example July 2014. I used to speak of month end as a time when a lot of extra work was necessary such as “month end” journal entries and closing of sub ledgers and all kinds of reports and analysis.

Now I look at month end as a good time to check the actual expenses against our budget and forecasts. It is a challenge and I have grown to like this challenge of explaining the variances. Were there special circumstances or was everything business as usual. Month end usually involves getting paid and that is nice also. As an Accountant analyst the job is exciting because it is part detective. We are always asked. Hey Jeff can you look into this account and why it was higher or lower than usual.

Anticipating these questions is also fun. I try to get the information as early as possible in an attempt to begin researching the variances. Month end is both an ending to the prior month and a new beginning for the current month. Some months you would like to put behind you and say things will be better next month. While still some months you hit it out the park and have all kinds of good news to report.

If you want to pursue a career in Accounting or Analysis I suggest you learn to like “Month End”


Coffee in Fallon

I had to go to Fallon today for work. As I had arrived a little early, I happened to notice a Coffee roasting business right near the Charter office. (walking distance) The name is FALLON ROASTERY. I was truly surprised to find a coffee roasting business in Fallon. I was greeted by Suzann who was extremely nice and helpful. The Business card says The San Franciscan Roaster. The list I was handed has 9 choices. At the bottom was my favorite Sumatra. You know what came next. I bought some.

Since we are talking about branding, I thought it was interesting that they seem to have three different names. Coffee Per Inc., The San Franciscan Roaster and Fallon Roastery. They have a blog so I will subscribe and continue to add to my knowledge. Now that I like Twitter and can follow as many Coffee related sites as possible, I feel like my knowledge is growing exponentially.

I was also told that they have a shop in Carson where they serve coffee. I hope to visit that location also. Next month I get to go to Washington state and you know they are also known for their coffee up there. I believe having likes and interests outside of normal work lives also makes us who we are. Of course I am crunching numbers in my head, how do they make it in Fallon, yet there they were. At the end of the day it made my work day that much more satisfying, because I got have a good business meeting and find a new Coffee roaster to try.fallon

My Son’s Birthday

My son is turning 19 tomorrow.  We are both students at the University. Being a Dad is pretty awesome. My son is studying Geography and Language. Fairly different from my experience. We have both taught each other different things. He is very good at writing and Culture. I have tried to share with him knowledge about business and technology. The interesting thing about being a parent is when you start out, you think oh; I will raise the next Tiger Woods or famous down hill skier. You sometimes put your dreams and hopes on them and sometimes it is what they want. However sometimes it is not what they want.

I think the best thing for my situation is to be very happy and supportive of what dreams he has for himself, rather than what I or my wife would want. He really is amazing and works very hard because he is doing what he enjoys. Do I know if he can earn a living as a geography major. I am not totally sure. But I know from watching him grow up and observing his work ethic that he will do just fine at what ever he does.

I may be a dreamer, but I still want to believe that with the proper love and support we can do what we like in this country and have a pretty great lifestyle. He is the type of son that doesn’t expect fancy gifts and he has his own finances which he manages quite well.

As I look back on these past amazing 19 years, All I feel is grateful to have such an amazing son.



My original plan for the blog was to be about Coffee. I love coffee and have been fascinated with how many different coffees there are in the world. My tastes have changed over the years but mostly I prefer strong espresso. I can add a little milk or Half and half. I like the caffeine and have needed it to get through studying.

My original intent was to try different coffees from around the world and share my thoughts. This could also get expensive and so as I read my fellow classmates blogs I realized that the majority of the blogs were more career focused.

I have dreams of maybe one day combining my love for coffee with work, but for now I am very happy where I am. Sometimes your dream job doesn’t always work out as envisioned. A photographer that I know realized one day that when his love for photography was not working out as a career the photography wasn’t as fun when paying the bills relied on it. So before I jump into a coffee business, I would want to make sure it made financial sense also. it worked out pretty well for Howard Schultz.

You must be wondering why I added a picture of Sumatra coffee. It is in fact one of my favorites. Described as Earthy, dark chocolate and spicy, I truly enjoy this coffee as one of my standby favorites. A quick scientific explanation: Coffee from Sumatra is low in acidity. If coffee tastes bitter to you try some that is low in acidity. Only issue is now that you know this info you might drive the price up. Enjoy.

Online classes; only growing


So my blog tonight is about online classes. In this article Bill Gates predicts changes coming to education and the growth of online classes.

We all are almost done with a 2 year entirely online program. Years ago a program like ours was just a dream, now it is reality.

There was a lot of good and probably a few kinks that need to be worked out, but that is how we learn.  I will go out on a limb and make some predictions also.

I think programs will evolve where you can take classes from different Universities and receive a customized degree. As an example there may be a really amazing cost accounting class from Tucson. Maybe a personal branding class from University of Nevada – Reno. I think it will be difficult to pool these classes and determine where one’s degree is from, but maybe in the future it won’t matter. Similar to a resume one college transcript would be the class where it was from some sort of difficulty rating and the grade. With the electronic age we live in receipts and proof of taking the courses should be easy enough to supply.

I realize this is an idea that is a little out there, and certainly years away from happening; but you have to admit it is possible and could have some positive impact on the tailoring of one’s education.

What if I could take my math from east coast schools and my writing from the west? There are many assortments of classes and a business could be started to counsel people on what are the best courses for their desired field. Learning is the key objective.



Hot Tub Time Machine

I wish I had a Hot Tub Time Machine: But I do not. Maybe I can share some advice with my younger Cohorts. You already are making a huge positive step by getting your eMBA much earlier in your career than I am. I am personally banking on the philosophy that it is never too late to learn and improve one’s self. I do know and have observed smart young successful professionals climb the corporate ladder or succeed with their own ventures. we have already learned quite a bit about six sigma in our program. I simply want to advise that after graduation and possibly a short study break. Look into six sigma certification: or possibly partnering with those that have this.
Our new degrees are awesome and will help tremendously as we continue our careers. I am simply trying to advise where next to look for tools to build on with and become the best that one can be. Dr. Bret taught us to take responsibility for our actions and not blame others for our failures. (Locus of Control) Through blogging I have been able to see where I was lacking some expertise.
Project management and leadership skills, we have been learning about and next we can improve those skills even more through Six Sigma certification. In business there are the visionaries like Jobs, Larry Page and many more. Then there are the Business managers who’ll be running the business and implementing projects. Maybe you can invent the hot tub time machine, but if not, learn the best ways to manage the employees who build and market it.


Let’s face it, today was a terrible day in the news. I saw recently that to get the creativity flowing, you should take a walk. This serves a dual purpose of not only exercise for me but also my 10 year old Lab. It is her favorite part of the day. I also use these walks to think about everything. Sometimes with all the bad going on in the news, it is difficult to remember the good. As I was walking tonight I noticed these beautiful flowers.
Although I know there are those that can’t enjoy this, I am taking a small amount of time here to give thanks for all that is good in the world.
There was a song by Sting years ago about the possibility of nuclear war. I have inserted it here as I think we are at a similar time today with what is going on in the Middle East and the plane that was shot down today. People need to hear this song one more time: Russian: “I hope the Russians love their children too”
As an Accountant analyst I certainly look at the financial impact of a day like today but even with all of my experience and knowledge it is a different type of cost also incurred. Human cost; that should not have a price tag. We all are working so hard to make a better life and then we have a day like today that I believe is a huge step backwards. I encourage people to take a walk get perspective and remember what is important.. Life.

Eyes on the Prize

Personal branding and blogging involves a lot of self analysis. Fortunately I am comfortable with who I am and where I am going. I have known from a early age that I enjoy math. I learned in Undergraduate school that I like Accounting. I learned in the Business world that I like Corporate Accounting and Analysis. I have for the past two years been learning about Business Administration. Life is short and I am sure you have heard to do what you like and the money will follow. The key here is that we spend a good long amount of time at work to earn a living. If we don’t like what we do the internal conflict will manifest itself in unhealthy ways.

I have enjoyed my career and always believed I can make a difference in whatever company I work for. The Bosses I have enjoyed working for the most are the ones who did not feel threatened by me but would rather share their knowledge and see me succeed also. The pie is big enough for the good and positive business people.

We as a cohort have been for two years studying and improving who we are as business people. For me this process has an ending but I personally always strive to learn. So as the prize of graduating soon approaches, I would encourage you to always continue to thirst for learning and be the type of boss or coworker who shares knowledge and encourage coworkers to also pursue their MBA because we grew from it and became better.